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Need help learning How to Read a Burial Location?
You can locate a Cemetery Map here.


Download Other Burial Records

The files below contain further burial records for other portions of the cemetery. These tables are formatted carefully and do not translate well into web-based tables, please download these and open them with Excel or another spreadsheet application to view the records.

Download Cemetery East Side (Excel)

Download Cemetery West Side (Excel)

Download Potters Field East (Excel)

Download Potters Field West (Excel)


Locate Memorial Photos

While this website does not collect photographs of headstones or memorials, has collected over 10,000 photos of various memorials and is highly recommend for further research. To locate a memorial:

  1. Click the “” link to navigate to the Find-A-Grave page for the Negaunee Cemetery.
  2. In the box labeled “Search” enter the first and/or last name of the individual you would like to locate.
  3. Click the orange “Search” button to find memorials potentially related to that individual.

Negaunee Cemetery Burials, 1910-2023